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Rosebud Rosary Carved Jet,22ct gold beads


Many cultures and religions use the counting and movement of beads to keep one’s place in structured prayers and to keep connected spiritually.

My hands are always busy, my mind moves from contemplation to construction and back again, circling.

I use a circle of beads as a mantra to slow the breath and still the mind.

Necklaces in this exhibition are inspired by Rosaries, Mala's and Komboloi

Rosebud carved in Jet with 22 carat gold beads as spacers in the jet beads
Sterling silver rosehips threaded like the daisy chains we played with as children
Textured gold frames a superb Peridot 18.97cts strung on Peridot beads
Silver rose petals threaded on pink and multicolour Tourmaline beads
Sterling silver ring with moving beads and 1 gold bead as the counter.
Sterling silver petals set with cabachon Tourmalines
Necklace carved Ivory lotus and conch beads
Mala with Lotus carved Ivory and Conch shell
Carved silver Lilly on crystal beads with 22ct details
Mother of pearl 13 moons in a year set in silver on silver chain
Amethyst beads with Roses as the "our Fathers" holding a Silver Crucifix
Beads and silver clasp which references the beads
Quartz beads with Tourmaline inclusions and Silver clasp to reflect the beads.
Copal beads on a string to de stress busy lives.
Meteorite originating in outer space is a gift from another world with a gold central bead.
Siva's tears gave birth to the Rudraksha tree, its beads are used in Hindu & Buddhist prayer
Sterling silver and Copal
Oval bone beads and one Jasper bead.
Sterling silver lotus with gold stamen on Rose Quartz beads.
Carved wood and Labradorite beads
Copal beads and central bead with ancient Greek inscription "Love Others"
Playful contemporary hand Komboloi in Copal, Amber & Silver
Carved Amber on Amber beads
Smokey Quartz set in Sterling silver on Onyx beads
Sterling silver om backed by mother of pearl
Mother of pearl and Silver inlayed into wood
Citrine set in gold on black Spinel beads
Silver and Gold shamrocks with Jade
Necklace Gold and silver beads saw pierced details
22 gold bead on handmade chain
Carved dragon in 18ct gold set with Red Diamonds holding a Southseas Pearl
Seven Chakras and their symbols in silver
Amethyst and natural Mauve Pearl set in white gold
Necklace Lemon Quartz and Onyx on Agate beads
Cabachon Rose Quartz set in silver on Tourmaline beads
Aquamarine cabachon suspended with white Diamonds
Necklace - 18ct gold beads and rubellite tourmaline 15.76 cts
South seas grey pearls set on 18ct gold with Diamond and Spinel
Mother of pearl necklace with Om the first sound of creation

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