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Found pebble necklace with silver and gold elements


They speak of our connection with the earth as well as our connection to the divine.

I collect stones when they capture my gaze and talk to me.

I am fascinated by nature's abundance and stunning beauty which we enhance with jewellery techniques that are as old as the stones themselves.

Along with stones I collect words and feelings and enjoy furthering the story of a crystal or a found object with poetry or a reflection from another cultural tradition.

One symbol which crosses cultures is the Bell, symbolising the contact between Heaven and Earth in Tibet.  Yet to me 'they are the reminders of the angels of our lives.'

I collect stones when they capture my gaze and talk to me.

Gold Rutile in laser cut Quartz set in silver and gold
Geode with gold needle sudpended
Agate set in silver with smokey quartz beads
Rutilated Quartz in silver and gold detail
Sapphire crystals in sterling silver
Golden rutilated Quartz lazer cut in silver and gold
Sapphire crystals set in Silver
Diamond crystals set in 18ct gold
Mother of pearl, gold and Pearls
Natural grey Pearls and Keshi pearl clasp in white gold
Rose quartz and silver chain and pendant
18ct forged, hinged necklace set with Garnets
Ammolite and Amber set in gold with Tzavorite Garnet
Russian blue Topaz 8.5cts set in silver with Aquamarine beads
reverse side
Rubelite Tourmaline 15.76 cts set in 18ct gold
Found pebbles,jade, moonstone and gold set in silver forged Necklace
Pearls with silver disc set with Sapphires
Sterling silver, repousse and oxidized
Ring - Carved 22ct Gold with red and pink spinels
Repousse gold ball set with pink ,purple and blue Sapphires
Silver and Rutilated Quartz hinged necklace
Hiddenite crystal with silver poem
Carved mother of Pearl and 22ct beads with Spessartite garnet heart
Amber, Garnet and 18ct gold
Rose Quartz trilliant on Tourmaline beads
Tourmalinated Quartz crystals with gold and silver elements

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