extraordinary jewellery & paintings celebrating & commemorating life

Black onyx, pearl, silver and gold


Our lives are marked by events of deep and personal significance, whether the birth of a baby or loss of a special person.

The remembrance of past can be embodied in a ring, a bangle or a necklace which has the ability to reach back in time offering special memories and spiritual connection.

Some years ago when my mother was ill I made a Ring in memory of her, its inspiration coming from traditional mourning jewellery and the games we played as children.The ring has a divided piece of onyx representing mum as a mother and a daughter.

A pearl runs around the onyx surface protected by a watch glass.There is a golden hole representing my mother as the centre of my life and the emptiness without her and sometimes the pearl fills the hole reminding me of the fullness of my mothers love.

Jewellery for memory and meaning historically had hidden compartments for hair or photos, many of the pieces here have openings for memento’s and poems.

Death is seen in many cultures as black and in others as white, both represent the absence of observable colour and thus death.

The work you are seeing in this gallery is my personal reflection using aspects of symbolism seen in art, religion, myth and ritual.

Quartz with golden Rutile set in silver
Carved Ivory feather
Carved Mother of Pearl set in Gold and Silver on engraved beads
Lapis lazuli bead hollowed out to hold a poem or memento with gold spike
Lapis lazuli necklace and bead with blue and green Sapphires
18ct gold beads and carved gold dragon with green Pearl and Sapphire eye
Mother of Pearl holding an oval Garnet on Garnet crystal beads
Australian Black Jade set in Gold and Silver suspended from inlayed beads
Silver and gold links form a necklace holding a laser cut Rose Quartz
Jet carved with a vine leaf and housing an 18ct Gold bezel and Peridot
Australian black Jade on gold hoops
Silver and engraved Mother of Pearl
Brooch silver and inlayed ivory
Memory bag with flowers for holding mementos
Silver oxidized hollow to house mementos
Sterling silver bag for memories
Mother of pearl
Reverse of necklace with pearl and watch glass
Ring Black Jade and Diamonds
Enamel, green gold and Smokey quartz beads
Ammolite Silver and Gold
Ring - carved 22ct Gold Almandine Garnet
Carved Jet
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Labradorite and Silver oxidized
Black onyx, pearl, silver and gold
carved Jet and Ivory
Gold and Black Spinel
Silver and Ruby
Abalone mabe pearl and Labradorite beads
Baroque Pearls black and white Diamonds
Sterling silver hinged
Ivory and silver inlayed with gold
Lapis lazuli with a cavity for memories and mother of pearl cap
She loves me she loves me not engraved in silver with a central carved Mother of Pearl

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