extraordinary jewellery & paintings celebrating & commemorating life

Lemon Diamond ring
Australian Blue Green Sapphire. Yellow & White Gold Ring
Argyle Champagne Diamond in 9ct Pink Gold
Diamond White Gold Ring
18ct Yellow & White Gold Diamond Ring with Daisy's
Emerald & Diamond 18ct Yellow Gold Ring
Argyle Cognac Diamond Pink Gold Ring
18ct Yellow Gold Black Jade Ring
18ct Yellow & White Gold Diamond Ring
Tourmaline white yellow gold
Austalian Blue Sapphire ring
Australian Sapphire 22ct gold Ring
Ring with Oak leaves and Flowers plus green Sapphire
Golden Sapphire and Diamond ring
Star Ruby and Diamond white gold ring
Amethyst, white and black Diamond ring
Diamond rings
Sapphire Rings
Rutilated Quartz and Topaz Rings
Blue and Purple Sapphire rings in yellow gold
Rings with Bleeding hearts and gum leaves
Keshi pearl silver and gold Ring
Madagascan Ruby carved 18ct god ring.African ruby ,diamond 18ct gold ring
Golden Sapphire and Golden Diamonds
Green Moonstone and gold rings
Amethyst, garnet silver and gold Rings
Diamond rings Carved and fabricated
Aquamarine and praisialite silver and gold Rings
Black and white Diamonds in White gold
Rhodalite Garnet and Pink Sapphire ring
Diamond rings
Argyle Cognac Diamond Rings
Smokey Quartz and silver Ring
Diamond rings
Amethyst,garnet silver and gold rings
Green Moonstone and gold rings
Praisialite and Aquamarine rings
Carved 18ct gold ring set with brilliant cut diamonds
Jade and Diamond ring in White gold
Diamond in 18ct yellow and white gold with bleeding heart leaves
Peridot crystal 18ct gold
Pink and red Spinels 22ct gold
Grey Spinel and Diamond Ring
Acanthus leaves and Diamond Ring

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